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All in All (Two Parts)

Piano Only

With Vocals

Dennis Jernigan, 2004
[Key: F]

Verse 1
You are my Strength when I am weak.
You are the Treasure that I seek.
You are my All in all.
Seeking You as a precious Jewel,
Lord to give up I’d be a fool.
You are my All in all!

Verse 2
Jesus—————-—————Taking my
Lamb of—————-———Cross my sin
God ———————————My shame
Worthy————————— Rising again
is your —————————I praise your
name————-——-——Name, You are
Jesus——————————My all in all
Lamb of———————When I fall down
God ———————-—-You pick me up
worthy is—————-——When I am dry
your——————-———You fill my cup
name———————You are my all in all

Verse 3
Taking my ——————————Jesus
Cross my sin———-—————Lamb of
My shame,————-——————-God
Rising again ————-——-——Worthy
I Praise Your—————————Is your
Name, You are—-———————Name
My all in all——————————Jesus
When I fall down —————-—Lamb of
You lift me up.———————-——God
When I am dry———————-—Worthy
You Fill my cup—-————-——-Is your
You are my all in all ——————Name

Verse 4
Jesus————————-When the dark
Lamb of————————-Powers had
God————————Done their worst
Worthy—————Jesus brought victory
is Your————— O’er the curse, You
Name——————Are are my all in all
Jesus———————-Death could not
Lamb of——————Hold the King of
God———————Kings, now to His
Worthy is————— Heirs new life He
Your——————————Brings, You
Name———-————-Are my all in all

Verse 5
When the dark————————-Jesus
Powers had————————-Lamb of
Done their worst————————God
Jesus brought victory————-Worthy
O’er the curse, You———-——Is Your
Are are my all in all—————-—Name
Death could not —————-——Jesus
Hold the King of——————–Lamb of
Kings, now to His————————God
Heirs new life He——————Worthy is
Brings, You are ———-—————-Your
My all in all——-———————-Name

Verse 6
Jesus, Lamb of God,
Worthy is Your Name.
Jesus, Lamb of God,
Worthy is Your Name.