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Psalm 22 (My God, My God)

Piano Only

With Vocals

Based on Psalm 22
Music: Irish Melody- Kingsfold
[Key: Db Minor]

Verse 1
My God, my God,
O why Have you forsaken me?
O why are you so far from Giving help
And from my groaning cry?
By day and night, my God, I call;
Your answer still delays.
And yet you are the Holy One
Who dwells in Israel’s praise.

Verse 2
Our fathers put their trust in you;
From you their rescue came.
They begged you and you set them free;
They were not put to shame.
But as for me, I am a worm
And not a man at all.
To men I am despised and base;
Their scornings on me fall.

Verse 3
All those who look at me will
laugh and cast reproach at me.
Their mouths they open wide;
They wag their heads in mockery:
“The Lord was his reliance once;
Now see what God will send.
Yes, let God rise and set him free,
This man that was his friend.”

Verse 4
You took me from my mothers womb
To safety at the breast.
Since birth when I was cast on you,
In you, my God, I rest.
When I proclaim my praise of you,
Then all the church will hear,
And I will pay my vows in full
Where men hold him in fear.