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Psalm 119 (Your Hands Created)

Tune: Abide With Me
“Eventide” by William H. Monk, 1861
[Key: B]

Verse 1
Your hands created and established me.
Give understanding; Your commands I’ll learn.
May those who fear You see me and be glad;
When they have seen how to Your Word I turn.

Verse 2
O Lord, I know how right Your judgments are;
In faithfulness You have afflicted me.
As to Your servant, You once gave Your Word.
May Your unfailing love my comfort be.

Verse 3
Let Your compassion come to give me life.
For in Your law my joy is very great.
Shamed be the proud who wrong me with their lies.
But on your precepts I will meditate.

Verse 4
May all of those who fear You turn to me,
Those who Your testimonies know and claim.
May my heart keep Your statutes blamelessly;
So that I never may be put to shame.

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Psalm 121 (I Will Lift Up My Eyes)

Tune: Abide With Me
“Eventide” by William H. Monk, 1861
[Key: B]

Verse 1
I will lift up my eyes unto the hills;
Where does my help come, where, but from the Lord?
Heaven and earth created by His will,
And He shall guide my steps by His own word.

Verse 2
The Lord who holds you, never will He sleep;
He never slumbers, while His own He keeps.
He will protect you, and shade you on your right;
And shield you from the sun, and moon by night.

Verse 3
God will protect from evil and from sin;
His promise keeps your soul, and will restore.
He guards your steps, your going out and in,
From now unto the end, forevermore.

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Psalm 34 (Tell His Praise)

Words: Timothy Dudley-Smith
Tune: Jesus, What A Friend for Sinners
“Hyfrydol” by R.H. Prichard
[Key: Db]

Verse 1
Tell His praise in song and story,
Bless the Lord with heart and voice;
In my God is all my glory,
Come before Him and rejoice.
Join to praise His Name together,
He who hears His people’s cry;
Tell His praise, come wind or weather,
Shining faces lifted high.

Verse 2
To the Lord whose love has found them
Cry the poor in their distress;
Swift His angels camped around them
Prove Him sure to save and bless.
God it is who hears our crying
Though the spark of faith be dim;
Taste and see! Beyond denying
Bless’d are those who trust in Him.

Verse 3
Taste and see! In faith draw near Him,
Trust the Lord with all your powers;
Seek and serve Him, love and fear Him,
Life and all its joys are ours:
True delight in holy living,
Peace and plenty, length of days;
Come, my children, with thanksgiving
Bless the Lord in songs of praise!

Verse 4
In our need He walks beside us,
Ears alert to every cry;
Watchful eyes to guard and guide us,
Love that whispers `It is I.’
Good shall triumph, wrong be righted,
God has pledged His promised word;
So with ransomed saints united
Join to praise our living Lord!

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Psalm 144 (I’ll praise the Lord)

Words: Peter Ninnis
Tune: This is My Father’s World
“Terra Beata” by Franklin L. Sheppard, 1915
[Key: Bb]

Verse 1
I’ll praise the Lord, my rock
Who trains my hands for war;
Who is my loving God and shield,
And my deliverer.
Yet we are weak, and fail,
No stronger than a breath;
Lord, what is man, so small, so frail,
And shadowed deep by death?

Verse 2
Now part Your heav’ns, Lord,
Come down and show Your might;
Unveil the latent pow’r of God
In nature’s storm and light.
Descend in this dark hour
To scatter all deceit.
Revive Your work! Reveal Your pow’r,
And lying schemes defeat.

Verse 3
And, while we wait on God
For His restoring grace,
The new song planted in our soul
Awakes to His glad praise.
You are the King of Kings,
Our strong security;
Deliver us from those who lie,
And set Your servant free!

Verse 4
Then mercy great shall flow,
Our children’s faith increase;
Our sheep and cattle multiply,
Our harvests grow in peace.
No cries shall haunt our streets,
No threats of fire or sword—
How bless’d the land that knows such rest,
Whose people know the Lord!

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Psalm 119 (My Grief Regard)

The Book of Psalms for Worship
Tune: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
“Hamburg” By Lowell Mason 1824

Verse 1
My grief regard and rescue me,
For I do not Your law forget.
My cause defend; redeem my soul;
Your promise keep; revive me yet.

Verse 2
Rescue is far from wicked ones
For they Your statutes do not seek.
Your mercies, Lord, how great they are!
As you have judged, new life give me.

Verse 3
Many are my tormenting foes,
Yet from Your law I will not turn.
I see and loathe the treacherous
For they Your word forever spurn.

Verse 4
See how I love Your precepts way!
Lord, in Your love, give life to me.
The sum of all Your words is truth;
Your judgements stand eternally.

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Psalm 111 (I Thank the Lord)

Words: David P.Regier
Tune: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place
“Landas” by A. Gretry
[Key: Eb]

Verse 1
I thank the Lord with all my heart,
And sing with the upright;
How great the works of God Most High;
They are His saints’ delight.
In splendor and in majesty,
His works forever stand,
And precious in our memory
The wonders of His hand.

Verse 2
His bounty free to those who fear;
His promise, their supply.
And He shall keep His covenant
Unto them for all time.
His pow’r made know unto His own,
The people of His word;
His promise, their inheritance:
The nations of the earth.

Verse 3
The work of God is faithfulness,
The work of His own hand.
His precepts, true and ever sure,
Forever they shall stand.
He sends redemption by His word,
Eternally ordained
To all the ones He calls His own,
For holy is His name.

Verse 4
The fear and rev’rence of the Lord,
The place of wisdom’s birth;
All truth and understanding rest
With those who keep His word.
Let every heart be lifted up,
And every voice be raised
Unto the Lord, our God Most High,
In everlasting praise!

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Psalm 99 (The Lord God Reigns)

Words: The Psalter 1912
Tune: I Sing the Mighty Power of God
“Ellacombe” by Gesangbuch der Herzol 1784
[Key: C]

Verse 1
The LORD God reigns in majesty;
Let all the nations quake.
He dwells between the cherubim;
Let earth’s foundations shake.
Supreme in Zion is the LORD,
Exalted gloriously.
All nations, praise His name with awe:
The Holy One is He!

Verse 2
The mighty King loves justice well,
And equity ordains;
He rules His people righteously
And faithfulness maintains.
O magnify the LORD our God,
Let Him exalted be!
In worship at His footstool bow:
The Holy One is He!

Verse 3
When priests and prophets called on God,
He their petitions heard.
His cloudy pillar led them on,
And they obeyed His word.
Tho’ sending judgments for their sins,
He pardoned graciously.
Exalt the LORD and worship Him:
The Holy One is He!

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Psalm 98 (Sing to Yahweh)

Words: The Book of Psalms for Worship
Tune: Joyful, Joyful
“Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven
[Key: Eb]

Verse 1
Sing to Yahweh, sing a new song
For the wonders He has done;
His right hand and arm most holy
Have for Him the vict’ry won.
And the Lord revealed His rescue,
His salvation He made known;
In the sight of ev’ry nation He
His righteousness has shown.

Verse 2
He recalled His love for Isr’el,
And to them has faithful been;
When our God sent His salvation,
It a-round the earth was seen.
Sing unto the Lord with gladness,
All the earth sing joyful praise.
To the Lord with harp make music,
With the harp your voices raise.

Verse 3
With the blast of horn and trumpet,
Shout before the Lord, the King.
Let the sea resound with praises,
Earth, with all its people sing.
Let the rivers in their gladness
Clap their hands with one accord;
Let the mountains sing together
And rejoice before the Lord.

Verse 4
For most surely He is coming,
Judge of all the earth to be.
Justly He will judge the peoples,
And the world with equity.
Sing to Yahweh, sing a new song
For the wonders He has done;
His right hand and arm most holy
Have for Him the vict’ry won!

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Psalm 75 (Our Thanks We Offer)

Words: David P. Regier
Tune: Praise to The Lord
“Lobe Den Herren”
[Key: D]

Verse 1
Our thanks we offer, O God
For Your name is upon us.
Telling Your wonderful works
How Your mercies dwell on us.
“At My set time,
I in My nature sublime,
Judge all the earth by My promise.”

Verse 2
“Earth and all those
Who dwell in it shall shake now before Me
I Have established its pillars
And steady its mooring.
Who then shall boast
Against the heavenly hosts?
Quiet your pride now before Me!”

Verse 3
Unto the ends of the earth,
Man has sought acclamation,
God is the Judge who must humble
Or bring exaltation.
Yahweh the Lord,
Onto the wicked has poured
His cup of wrath as libation.

Verse 4
But as for me, I will
Tell of His wonders forever,
Praising the Lord God
With singing shall be my endeavor.
He shall cast down
From ev’ry rival his crown,
And raise the righteous forever.

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Psalm 57 (Show Your Mercies)

Words: David Regier
Tune: Take My Life and Let it Be
“Hendon” by Cesar Malan 1827
[Key: Db]

Verse 1
Show Your mercies, Lord, to me;
For my soul to You would flee.
From my trouble, refuge bring
In the shadow of Your wing,
In the shadow of Your wing.

Verse 2
I call out to God Most High,
Who works all His wise design.
He, from heaven, hearing me,
Saves me from the enemy,
Saves me from the enemy.

Verse 3
In the lion’s den I wait;
They would slay me in their hate.
They destroy me with their words,
With their tongues as sharpened swords,
With their tongues as sharpened swords.

Verse 4
Let Your glory and Your worth,
Lord, be praised in all the earth.
Deadly snares all meant for me
Have consumed my enemy,
Have consumed my enemy.

Verse 5
Let my faithful heart, now sing
Praises to my God, my King!
Rise, my glory, harp and lyre,
Wake the dawn with morning fire,
Wake the dawn with morning fire!

Verse 6
Let a song of praise now rise;
How Thy mercies fill the skies!
Let this joyful song be raised
From the earth in grateful praise
From the earth in grateful praise.