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The Master Has Come

Sarah Doudney, 1811-1920
[Key: Eb]

Verse 1
The Master has come
And He calls us to follow
The track of His footprints
He leaves on our way;

Far over the mountain
And through the deep hollow,
The path leads us on
To the eternal day:

The Master has called us,
The children who fear Him,
Who march ‘neath Christ’s banner
His own little flock;

We love Him and seek Him,
We long to be near Him,
And rest in the strength
Of this unyielding Rock.

Verse 2
The Master has called us
To walk in the valleys,
The shadow of death
And the evil so near;

But God who does lead us
To feed in green meadows,
We hear His rejoicing
That brings us to cheer.

The Master has called us,
We run hard to hold Him,
And cling to our Shepherd,
Who stands as our King;

Defends us and helps us,
Our hearts now adoring,
We’ll pass thru this valley
And shout as we sing.

Verse 3
The Master has called us
To live for His glory,
To tell of His mercy
And wonderful grace;

Salvation, revelation,
Redeemed is our story,
He seeks us and finds us
And quickens our pace.

The Master has called us
And love is His banner,
The sheep of His pasture
The chosen in Him;

Our bondage is broken,
Our enemies fallen,
We’ll march on victorious
Thru God we shall win.

Verse 4
The Master has called us
The road may be dreary;
And dangers and demons
May form their attack;

Press onward, look upward
Through much tribulation,
We follow the Savior
And cannot turn back.

The Master has called us
A people most favored,
To ever move forward
And never retreat;

So work on dear brethren
Till we rest from labor,
When we’re in the presence
Of Jesus so sweet.