Add Guitar Chords

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We are thankful for your interest in helping to make the Hymns website even more useful by adding guitar chords for each song.

How to submit guitar chords?

We use the “ChordPro” system which is the standard format for writing chord sheets. Please note the following format:


{comment: Verse 1}
[D]Abide wi[A]th [D]me, fast [G]falls the [A]event[D]ide;
[D]The d[A]arkness [G]dee[D]pens; [Em]Lord with [D]me [E7]a-b[A]ide.
[D]When o-[A]ther [D]helpers [G]fail and [B7]comforts [Em]flee,
[A]Help [D]of the [Bm]helpless, [G]O a-[D]bide [A]with [D]me.

This will output onto the site looking like this:

Please note that you place the chord in [brackets] before the letter that you want the chord to be showing above. So the first [D] chord is before the A and therefore shows above the A.

The other code is just closing out each verse with:


{comment: Verse 1}

Change the “Verse 1” to be Verse 2, or Chorus, or whatever text needs to be rendered there.

At the end of each verse make sure you put in the code:


Please note: If you are able to put the chords throughout all of the verses and not just on verse one and the chorus that will make it easier for beginning guitar players. However if for the sake of time, you can only do verse 1 and the chorus that is fine.

We advise you to edit your text in a Word editor or a Google Doc and not in the form above. Only once you have completed your text you can save the file and attach it. This will help avoid you losing any work.

For further study on Chord Pro and the Vocal vs. Syllable approach please read here.