Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I use the piano music for my youtube channel?
A: No. Please do not post any of our music to youtube, blogs, facebook, or any other platform or website without permission.

Q: How may I use your music?
A:  The piano and vocal recordings on this website are meant only for your personal worship, or to facilitate corporate worship, and are is not to be used in any other way without contacting us for permission.

Q: Is my church allowed to use the music during our Sunday service?
A: Yes. However, if you are streaming your service you must acquire a CCLI license that gives you permission to stream songs that are not public domain. The older hymns do not fall into this category. Also, we do ask that you clearly provide a link back to our website ( as the source.

Q: May I use the piano music and record my own vocals?
A: No. Please do not make vocal recordings using the piano music to share on other platforms without permission. There are various reasons for this policy so we ask that you please honor this request.

Q: May I post music that I wrote on your website?
A: No. We are not a publishing company, and we only post songs that our own local church knows.

Q: How can we donate to this ministry?
A: You can give to our local church through this page, and indicate on the check note that it is for the hymns website.

Q: I am looking for a specific hymn, and cannot find it here.
A: We only include songs on this hymn site that our local church knows and sings during corporate worship. This is why the list is not comprehensive.

Q: Can you provide sheet music?
A: No. We are unable accommodate requests for written music.

Q: How can I find the sheet music for the hymn,
Tis Finished, The Messiah Dies?

A: Sadly, this music is not published in the United States.
The hymnbook we have was purchased in England.