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For Our Children We Are Pleading

William Moore
[Key: D]

Verse 1
Father, hear a father’s pleading,
Hear a mother’s earnest cry:
For our children interceding.
Gracious Lord, don’t let them die.
We seek neither wealth nor honor
For them in this world of strife;
But through Jesus Christ our Savior,
Give them, Lord, eternal life.

Verse 2
Lord, we tremble for our children,
For we know their woeful case:
Theirs are hearts full of corruption,
Part of Adam’s fallen race.
We are helpless, Lord, to save them,
We cannot their hearts renew:
If You will, Lord. You can save them,
Nothing is too hard for You.

Verse 3
Lord, we would not be demanding,
Or presume upon Your grace,
But our hearts for them are bleeding.
Our dear children need your grace.
We commit them to Your mercy,
And we leave them in Your care:
Since it would be for Your glory
God, we pray, our children spare!