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Psalm 121 (I Will Lift Up My Eyes)

Tune: Abide With Me
“Eventide” by William H. Monk, 1861
[Key: B]

Verse 1
I will lift up my eyes unto the hills;
Where does my help come, where, but from the Lord?
Heaven and earth created by His will,
And He shall guide my steps by His own word.

Verse 2
The Lord who holds you, never will He sleep;
He never slumbers, while His own He keeps.
He will protect you, and shade you on your right;
And shield you from the sun, and moon by night.

Verse 3
God will protect from evil and from sin;
His promise keeps your soul, and will restore.
He guards your steps, your going out and in,
From now unto the end, forevermore.