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Unto Jesus Be All Glory

Piano Only

With Vocals

Kenny Flaspoehler
[Key: C]

Verse 1
Unto Jesus be all glory,
Let us worship and adore,
Unto Jesus, our Messiah,
Let our words and voices soar!
Precious Jesus, we are longing,
Just to worship at Your feet.
You are worthy beyond measure,
And Your Name to us is sweet.

Verse 2
Unto Jesus be all glory,
In Your blood the Gospel’s sealed.
You were pierced for our transgressions,
By Your stripes our wounds are healed.
Dearest Jesus, precious Savior,
At the cross You did atone
We were rebels, we were debtors,
Now we stand before Your throne.

Verse 3
Unto Jesus be all glory,
As you live to intercede
Binding up the brokenhearted,
Meeting every single need
Precious Jesus, our Good Shepherd,
Caring always for Your sheep,
You surround us with Your favor,
All Your promises to keep.

Verse 4
Unto Jesus be all glory,
Captain of a mighty host,
Soldiers in the fiercest battles,
Fighting to the uttermost
War is raging, but You are reigning,
By Your wise and sovereign hand.
Keep us holy, keep us faithful,
To the Word of Your command.