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Psalm 34 (Tell His Praise)

Words: Timothy Dudley-Smith
Tune: Jesus, What A Friend for Sinners
“Hyfrydol” by R.H. Prichard
[Key: Db]

Verse 1
Tell His praise in song and story,
Bless the Lord with heart and voice;
In my God is all my glory,
Come before Him and rejoice.
Join to praise His Name together,
He who hears His people’s cry;
Tell His praise, come wind or weather,
Shining faces lifted high.

Verse 2
To the Lord whose love has found them
Cry the poor in their distress;
Swift His angels camped around them
Prove Him sure to save and bless.
God it is who hears our crying
Though the spark of faith be dim;
Taste and see! Beyond denying
Bless’d are those who trust in Him.

Verse 3
Taste and see! In faith draw near Him,
Trust the Lord with all your powers;
Seek and serve Him, love and fear Him,
Life and all its joys are ours:
True delight in holy living,
Peace and plenty, length of days;
Come, my children, with thanksgiving
Bless the Lord in songs of praise!

Verse 4
In our need He walks beside us,
Ears alert to every cry;
Watchful eyes to guard and guide us,
Love that whispers `It is I.’
Good shall triumph, wrong be righted,
God has pledged His promised word;
So with ransomed saints united
Join to praise our living Lord!